Famous Fone Friends
                                     "Making Children Smile"
1. Who Is Famous Fone Friends?

Famous Fone Friends is an organization totally comprised of volunteers whose purpose is to lift the spirits and morale of hospitalized and home-bound children by linking them with celebrities through telephone calls.   It was founded in 1986 by a group of I.A.T.S.E., Local #884 Studio Teachers and other caring members of the community.  No one associated with FAMOUS FONE FRIENDS  receives any monetary compensation.


Director of Administration:     Linda Stone

Director of Celebrities:           Randye Howard

Tribute Chair:                         Kelly Manthe

Treasurer:                              Jeff Gross

Online Coordinator:                Mark Wallis    

2. What is the tax-exempt status of Famous Fone Friends?

FAMOUS FONE FRIENDS is a 501 (c ) (3) tax-exempt charitable organization.  All donations to FFF are fully tax deductible.

3. Who refers hospitalized children who are called by FFF?

Seriously ill children are referred by members of their hospital teams, usually from the Child-Life Department.  There is no charge to the hospitals or to the families of the children who are called.

4. How does Famous Fone Friends obtain the funds to operate?

The majority of funds come from donations from Studio Teachers and other supporters of FFF.  Hospitals, families and celebrities are never solicited for donations.  FAMOUS FONE FRIENDS runs on an annual budget of between $3000 and $4000 a year; as a result, fund-raising is not necessary.  Expenses include literature and postage, as every child called receives a script from a favorite show, or if the child is a pre-reader, a little gift is sent representing the cartoon character that called. 

5. If I am a member of a child’s hospital team, or if I am a member of FFF, how can I refer a seriously ill child to FAMOUS FONE FRIENDS for a call?

The purpose of FFF is to lift the spirits and morale of hospitalized and home-bound children by linking them with celebrity "friends" through the telephone or via personal videos. To refer a child, please email Randye Howard at: famousfonefriends@gmail.com and include the information below.

a. Child's name (first name only if HIPAA conformance is required), gender and age
b. A brief description of the child's medical problem (optional)
c. Child's parents' cell phone and/or landline numbers (especially important if there is a chance of an early discharge)
d. Hospital room number AND NURSES' STATION NUMBER
e. Child's special interests (TV shows/movies/cartoons, sport, music, specific celebrities, etc.)
f. The best time(s) to reach the child (if hospitalized)
g. Name of referring person, department, email address and telephone number, hospital name, city and state/province

6. If I am a celebrity or well-known athlete and would like to volunteer to call children, what is involved?

A celebrity/athlete should email famousfonefriends@gmail.com and indicate the character that he/she plays on a particular show or the sport and associated team name.  The commitment is to make one telephone call.  In most circumstances, FFF discourages having a celebrity call a specific child more than once to avoid the child becoming too attached.  If asked to call back again, the celebrity can email FFF and we will assign a different celebrity to make the call.  A child can have multiple calls, just from different celebrities. 

It is very important for a celebrity to call the child soon after receiving the request from FFF.  Doctors try to discharge children as soon as possible. If for some reason, the call cannot be made in a timely fashion, please email  famousfonefriends@gmail.com and other arrangements will be made.

7. If I am not a celebrity, member of hospital staff or family of a child being called, how can I make a donation to FAMOUS FONE FRIENDS?

Please mail your check to:


9101 Sawyer Street

Los Angeles, CA 90035

100% of your tax-deductible donation goes toward services to benefit the children called.

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